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Lessons from a Snail

I'm learning from a snail. I am learning to embrace slowness. I am learning to trust that all that I need is right where I am. I'm seeing how very much I resist slowing down, how hard it is at times to trust that my value is not found in being quick or in how much I do. I'm learning, bit by bit, to adjust my lens from panoramic and bring what is right in front of me into focus. In the midst of illness, of loss, or unexpected detours, there are invitations to see what is right within my grasp, what is right beneath me and above me. I'm surrounded by life and beauty that I can touch and feel and experience in the here and now.

Where I choose to set my eyes and how I choose to focus my lens of attention make all the difference in how I find life in the midst of slowing down. Listen, look, linger I tell myself. Listen to what's going on in your heart when there's an invitation to slow down. Trust that what is before you is good for you and stop fretting about the future. All you have is here and now. Don't miss it.

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