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Fire Wood
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"He is the Way, follow Him through the land of unlikeness, and you will see rare beasts and have unique adventures. " 

- W. H.  Auden 


Listening to our life

with God

My name is Susan Green and I am so pleased you are here. Spiritual direction is the art of listening to our life with God - all of it - and to discerning the ever present still, small voice of our Father that gives form and structure to our life's purpose. 

We were created for an intimate relationship with our loving Creator. With great care we are given gifts for living fully and purposefully in the world. Deep joy is found as we embrace the graced particularity of our unique life. I find life and freedom as I embrace the abundant love of our Triune God - Father, Son, Spirit - and accept his daily invitation to follow into the good purposes for which I was created. Listening to life through the art of spiritual direction is my good thing to do in the world. I would welcome the opportunity to talk more with you. 


“The council I received from Susan has transformed my view of myself, as a child of God, and has informed my unique calling in the kingdom of God."

- J.K. 

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